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Customer Complaint Meeting System:

The Complaint Meeting will be hold every every Monday. Every compalint from our customers, even for a single piece of screws, we will know and make decision to the complaint quickly. It's an upmost way to express our responsibility to customers.

The meeting is not simply to decide compensations, but to find out quality problems that we need to avoid for future productions. We will follow up every complaint and won’t close it untill:

1. a proper compensation is decided and done (not only decided, but effected),

2. a necessary precedure or system is built up to avoid future mistakes and a reliable monitoring result to prove it works (again, system not only built up, but proven).

In the past, we mainly focus on our internal side and our inspectors or managers will pass the decision to the related factories. Sometimes meeting message will be weakened or lost through intermediate staffs, or some factory might take action too slow. So now we will invite factories to join the meeting. Then messages are received 100% correct and efficiency is greatly increased.

This system is a very important part of our company. It’s implemented since first day when our company was born and will be carried out persistently. Detail by detail and day by day, our quality reaches to a very high and stable level.


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Customer Complaint Meeting System

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With all the above upgraded facility, enhanced working system, and our commitment to offer best service, you can rest assured that the goods you receive will be in good condition.

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