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Drying Room:

When all the high-end guitars are finished, including solid top classic and acoustic guitars, arch top electric guitars and other highend electric guitars like the Ash series, factories will deliver them to our Inspection Center. Upon receipt, we will unpack them and send to the Drying Room.

The space is enough for holding 6,000pcs of guitars at the same time. In a controlled humidity between 35-45%, the guitars will be kept from 10 to 15 days, depending on the climate of the destination they will be shipped to.

Then those likely to happen problems will happen on our side before shipping to our customers. For example, sharp frets, crooked necks, broken woods or paints, etc. All tle problems will be fixed to make sure when our customers receive the goods, the defect percentage will be at the lowest possible level.


Drying Room

Inspection and Testing Room

Dr. Parts Packaging Room


Accessory Storage Room

Thermo Control System

Customer Complaint Meeting System

Delivery Meeting System

With all the above upgraded facility, enhanced working system, and our commitment to offer best service, you can rest assured that the goods you receive will be in good condition.

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