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For some of our orders, if goods from one certain factory reach to FCL, we will ship out from the factory directly. In this case, one inspector will be sent to the factory to check the goods and monitor the loading process. For most of the orders, goods are made from many different factories and need to be delivered to our warehouse for consolidation. This the main function of our warhouse.

The ground area is over 3,000 square meters, providing plenty of space to stock goods. Goods will be stored by orders with each order kept together in one area. Cartons must be layed neatly. Any goods with broken cartons will be returned to factories, or repacked by our warehouse staffs if delivery is urgent. Dusts are not allowed and a full time cleaner will check and clean the top of the cartons twice a day. The warehouse is exactly run on the well-known Japanese 5S management system.

In order to improve management and efficiency, we’ve introduced bar code system and installed monitoring system. If you want, when we load your containers, you can see the loading online through our monitoring system.


Drying Room

Inspection and Testing Room

Dr. Parts Packaging Room


Accessory Storage Room

Thermo Control System

Customer Complaint Meeting System

Delivery Meeting System

With all the above upgraded facility, enhanced working system, and our commitment to offer best service, you can rest assured that the goods you receive will be in good condition.

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