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16TH1 August,2011

Mahalo Ukulele Sponsored the 41st Ukulele Festival Hawaii


Ukulele Festival Hawaii is a free ukulele festival organized by Roy and Kathy Sakuma, who have dedicated their life’s work to spreading the joy of the ukulele through free ukulele festivals, lessons, etc.


Today, the annual Ukulele Festival at Kapiolani Park Bandstand in Waikiki is a summer tradition in Hawaii, drawing thousands of crowds, including many famous ukulele players, through out the island and from around the world. It has truly grown internationally and is by far the largest ukulele festival of its kind in the world.


This summer on Jul. 17th, we were happy to sponsor its 41st event, to spread the joy of ukuleles and to present our ukuleles to local Hawaiians and uke fans from around the world. Every visitor was overwhelmed by how good the quality could have been at such unbelievable low prices. And no one could resist all those crazily designed ukes, like U/SMILE smiley face ukulele, surfboard electric ukuleles, etc. It was a festival of great fun and we enjoyed a lot.











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